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Really simple replacement for txp:author. If you define a section with ‘section’ attribute you’ll have the author name linking to a page that has the name and surname of the author as title, in the section you defined (i.e.: section: ‘authors’ or ‘contributors’).

Useful if you have a magazine with a section for your authors. The plugin offers immediate link encoded along TXP url titles conventions (’-’ instead of ‘+’ for spaces, lowercase).

Important: Can’t work in messy mode, as far as I know, because it relies on author name for url, not author ID.


section, optional

If not set, the name will be displayed without link.

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17 october 2005
Posted here:
25 Oct 2005
Article modified:
28 Apr 2008

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i want to display authors information when i clicked on authors name.for that i am using bos_author plugin.
but my problem is-clicking on any author it always gives me a information of a author say having name=“abc”..

i am having 4 authors with thier bio defined in article.
i am using section author for this and i am displaying authors info on one page using this code—

titles and author-name are same for all articles in author section .. iv also used

help please..

You should explain more. Any url? Are the articles assigned to the right author? This is working for me and for a couple of client sites, so I’m not sure about your problem.

Better discussed on the forum thread, anyway.


i am having 4 authors..say a,b,c,d..
i have defined their bio in article by giving title as that of their authorsname in author section ..
but if i click either on a or b or c or d..i am getting the bio of author a only..
how should i write the so that i can display every authors info appropriately..

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