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I had a need for password protection for a project I’ve been working on, and the limited functionality of Textpattern’s existing <txp:password_protect /> simply wasn’t cutting it for me.

I reused a lot of the existing authentication code, tweaking it to meet my needs, so a big thanks goes out to Dean et al, for making this easier to knock out. Currently this authenticates users against the txp_users table, so users are created in the site_admin tab. For users that shouldn’t have admin access at all, simply use Privilege level “none” (the default).

This features the following tags: ign_password_protect and ign_logged_user

ign_password_protect – use to password protect part or all of a txp website against users in the txp_user database (on the site_admin tab). can be used in page or form templates, or even directly within an article.

Accepted parameters:

privs: comma separated list of privilege levels to compare against. If omitted, plugin simply
checks for account existence (including privs = None).

err_msg: replaces error message on bad logins

login_msg: use this to set the greeting message that is displayed above the form

class: use this to set the class assigned to the div containing the form; default value is ign_login

remember: boolean to display checkbox for “remember me”, set to 1 or true to display check box (and set persistent cookie)
set to anything else or omit entirely to disable.

ign_logged_user – displays logged in user name with link to log out if logged in.

Accepted parameters:

logged_msg: replaces default “not logged in” message.

Example usage:
<txp:ign_password_protect privs="1,2,3,4,7" login_msg="Please log in to view this resource" remember="true"> Some content to protect here </txp:ign_password_protect>

Version 0.6.2 features:

This version features a significantly re-written authentication mechanism, and more importantly, support for an alternate database. In addition, this version features a number of new tags:


Conditional to test the state of the login, includes support for <txp:else />. Accepts one parameter, privs.

<txp:ign_self_edit />

Displays a form to allow logged-in users to change their password.

Accepts the following parameters: class, title, onClick, size, tab, id

<txp:ign_page_privs />

Use at the top of a page to set page-wide privilege levels. Useful for enforcing privilege levels across multiple protected elements on a page, as opposed to specifiying privs on each element. Privs set on individual elements will override these global privs.
Accepts one parameter: privs

Download the plugin – ign_password_protect_0.6.2.txt

Or grab the source from github:

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Posted here:
21 Jul 2005
Article modified:
06 Sep 2011

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Commented (20)

Thank you so much for this lovely plugin!

Where has the file gone?
Just fixed the url, you can know download the plugin :-)
This plug-in runs smoothly here on Michael’s Remarks. I did not exclude whole parts of the site, I just did it the flickr-way: There are public articles and private ones. The plug-in helps me to prevent the private ones to appear on any listings, including the homepage and the newsfeed (although the newsfeed thing is rather a hack than the actual use of the plug-in). Anyway: Great work!
Für deutschsprachige User gibt es jetzt eine umfassende Beschreibung des Plugins im deutschen textpattern blog

Thank you very much for this great plugin.


Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you very much for this excellent plugin.


The download link seems to be broken again. Help…

The plugin seems to be available here


Does anyone know how to add to this the “I forgot my password” entry so that a user can add either their email or username and get sent their pasword?


Hi There, I have installed the plugin and seems to be working on the site. But when I go to “Extentions” > “ign_user_mgmt” I am getting a lot of “Notice:” errors. Has anyone else experienced this? Under “Diagnostics” I am getting the following message under preflight check “The following PHP functions (which may be necessary to run Textpattern) are disabled on your server: disk_total_space, diskfreespace”. Will this have anything to do with the errors I am getting? Thanks for any help in advanced.

What would I have to type in to simply password protect an article?


Hi, I’m researching various cms solutions, including textpattern.

Sorry if I didn’t get it right from your description – but I need to be able to create multiple groups of users with different privs, mainly to read, comment and upload.

We need to be able to reach quite a diversed group of people in rather different language styles, though all of them interested in the subject and topics of the site.

As I understand it, yours and others password plugins, only distinguish between two groups of users: with or without a password, e.g. two types of content.

Please excuse me if I’m completely mistaking.

Hope it can be done, textpattern seems like a really slick and nice cms.



First up, thank you for this plugin which mostly works a treat!

However, not sure how I managed it, but managed to lock myself between logged in and out so that I got a problem reading ‘There was a problem logging in’ but couldn’t logout sufficiently to start again (Using Firefox 3 on Windows) . (The logout option was no longer there)

In the end, the fix was simple: just added this to the URL ?logout=1

Here endeth my gem of wisdom… BTW this was version 0.5b9


Unforunately ign_password_protect does not work with the new password hashes in TXP 4.4.0. Are there any updates on the plugin planned?


Anyone else looking for a new version? I found one here:

It has been adapted for the new password scheme!

Thanks Cero for sharing the update plug link php! Plan to put it to work soon on a business txp site. Cheers, GG

Richard :

Which is the most recent version? In my plugin library, it says version .6. However, the official website says ver. .4.2c

0.6? This is so old plugin that it should be tested carefully if it even works as it’s supposed to.


V 0.6.2 does work with TP 4.4.1.
Documentation is missing tags as it comes out unformatted and hard to use.

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