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This plugin provides a number of conditional tests for custom fields. It will check for empty, notempty, equals, or notequals. It also includes an clause, so that the inverse of each test may have a false consequence as well.

example usage:

<txp:mdn_if_custom field="2" empty="1"> <else /> Author: <txp:rei_show_custom customid="2" /> </txp:mdn_if_custom>

…where if custom_field2 is empty, it will output nothing, and if custom_field2 is filled, it will print what is after the . In this case, since ‘Remillard’ was the etnry for custom_field2, it would print:

Author: Remillard

another example:

<txp:mdn_if_custom field="9" equal="author">by <txp:rei_show_custom customid="2" /> <else /> no author listed </txp:mdn_if_custom>

…where if custom_field9 is filled with the exact text “author”, then it will print
by <em>'name of author'</em>

but if custom_field9 is either empty OR filled with anything other than “author”, it will print

no author listed

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Archived [?]: Built-in tag now exists: txp:if_custom_field

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23 Nov 2004
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20 Jan 2008

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Commented (3)

why not use Textpattern’s original tag ‘if_custom’..., ?

Actually, mdn_if_custom predates the built-in if_custom tag. There had been no custom-related conditions.. there had not even been a tag to display custom fields.

Now, of course there are. Sweet progress.

I still have mdn_if_custom installed on all my Textpattern sites. It works as beautifully as it always did, and I can nest in and and out of the ‘new’ built-in if_custom tags. The nesting is really useful.
not just the nesting, but the ability to identify custom fields by their IDs rather than name is essential for me.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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