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Portable Network Graphics (PNGs) is a highly compressed image format which has many advantages over other image formats such as being free from patents and very high quality. However Internet Explorer seems to give unexpected results after showing transparent PNG, which include a nasty dark background.

The ja_browser_png textpattern plugin is designed to display transparent PNG images in Internet Explorer as well as other browsers. To call the plugin simply use the ‘picture’ attribute to point to the transparent PNG image you wish to show, for example see below:

<txp:ja_browser_png picture=’/images/7.png’ />

This is my first ever plugin, hopefully the more I use this CMS, the more plugins I can provide and share :). You are very welcome to provide feedback and improvements over this plugin.

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12 Apr 2005
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04 Dec 2007

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Commented (1)

Hi Jaspaul,
very nice idea for a plugin. IE not showing transparent pngs is a nuissance.
The problem is, I can’t get your plugin working…
Can you give a more detailed example, where to use your tag exactly?

I’ve learned that your plugin delivers the pic as background-style (css) for capable browser, and going throuh some engine (i don’t have any glue of) for IE, showing the png with transparencies.

The problem is: The pic doesn’t show in Safari (capable of displaying transparent pngs),
and in IE it looks like an empty -Tag (it actually is).

Can you help?
Would change the way I apply css completely!

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