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Finaly got the chance to finish this. This plugin was designed to make using textile in comment forms simpler. Basically it provides the user leaving the comment with simple buttons to insert the textile formating code in for them.


hak_textile_tags will generate a formatting bar similar to the quicktags found in wordpress except instead of html it will insert textile tags.


<txp:hak_textile_tag />

will generate a div that will hold all the controls. By default it will insert the tags in a textarea named “message" since that is the default texpattern comment form textarea.

<txp:hak_textile_tag textarea="canvas" />

allows you to specify what textarea to use as the canvas. It will look for textareas by name and by id so you can use either one.

Style Information

The Textile bar has a few default classes to allow you to style it however you want (buttons can’t be styled in Safari unfortunately).

The div that holds the buttons has an id of edtoolbar .

All buttons have two default classes: ed_button and ed_button_pressed, this allows you to create a selected look for the buttons.

Each button also has an extra class using its its tag to allow you to target them indovidually. For example ed_strong, ed_emphasis, ed_link, ed_image. This should allow for some image replacement techiniques, or simply having the strong button be bold.

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05 Apr 2005
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02 Nov 2006

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Can’t actually update this since davidm created the original post.

Version 0.1.1 is now available that fixes a bug in Opera. Current users are encouraged to upgrade.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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