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I have really been enjoying rc3. However, it seems that one of my favorite plugins… mdp_automatic_randt.v0.5.1 by Greenrift doesn’t seem to work. So, I compared the rc1 txp_image.php to the new rc3 txp_image.php files and applied the differences to the plugin. Mostly path changes, from what I could tell, were breaking the compatibility. Anyway, after all that I’ve been using it (with ImageMagick) successfully for the past few days in rc3. So, I figure should let others use it as well :) I didn’t change the version number (but I did add a note at the beginning that its been updated for compatibility with rc3).

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30 Mar 2005
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14 Jul 2008

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I can’t seem to follow the download link…is it broken?
According to google, author moved to And, removing “textdriven” from plugin link url, voila, here we are:

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