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This is another plugin that uses forms to display stuff. Here, it’ll display a list (or a definition list, or a br seperated paragraph) of your plugins. You can see an example here

Supported Tags

  • author
  • title – name of plugin
  • permlink – author uri
  • excerpt – plugin description


wraptag – no default
form – default “pluginlist"

Code Examples

Form (pluginlist)
<dt><txp:title /></dt><dd>by <txp:permlink><txp:author /></txp:permlink></dd>

Plugin code
<txp:tcm_pluginlist wraptag="dl"/>

These examples will give you a definition list – a format that some people aren’t comfortable with. If you want to just make an unordered list, go for these.

Form (pluginlist)
<li><txp:title /> by <txp:permlink><txp:author /></txp:permlink></li>

Plugin code
<txp:tcm_pluginlist wraptag="ul"/>

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Posted here:
30 Mar 2005
Article modified:
05 Nov 2006

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Commented (2)

Is this plugin no longer available. I hope not.
an abrupt server change & rapid shuffling of priorities (getting into college) left my plugin projects a bit messed up. most of them are still downloadable, but I currently can’t find a backup of this one. if anyone has it installed and can export / copy the source, send it to macwright (at) g m a i l dot com, I’d appreciate it.

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