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Displays a list of images in a particular image category and displays it using thumbnails (which are required – use greenrift’s mdp_Automatic Thumbnails hack, which will save you some time on thumbnail creation) in however many columns you want. You can also limit the amount of thumbnails you can display. Each of the thumbnails are links to pop-up windows that display the full-size image.

<txp:jwl_img_list category="image-category" columns="3" limit="10" />

By removing the limit attribute, it shows all images in that image category.

NOTE: You need Dean’s dca_pop plugin installed and activated in order for the pop-up windows to work. You can download it here

It needs a lot more work, including support for basic things like table prefixes and such, but I know it works because I just added it to a client’s website so that he can use it. I just hope it will be helpful to someone else.

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30 Mar 2005
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30 Mar 2005

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Commented (4)

The download link is broken
Arrggg!!!! Noooo!

Dammit. This was just what I was looking for as well. :(
the link is broken…someone can post it in another URL?
Sorry guys, I had no interest in this plugin and moved on to other things. I’m surprised that people still ask for it. I’ve put it up on my website as is, with no support, plus the source code should you want to expand or change it.

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