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This plugin allows you to use the old, familiar date formatting beyond rc2.

In response to the rc3 problem I described here (regarding the format parametr for txp:posted), I wrote this plugin.

It basically emulates the way txp:posted used to work before 1.0rc3, using the old formatting strings.

Use it exactly as you would the txp:posted tag, but the format parameter uses these elements.

The new rc3 implementation is better for localisation (ie non-english users), but if you use english, I believe the old way offered more flexible formatting of dates including (my pet feature) ordinal suffixes (ie ‘March 19th’ and ‘June 1st’ not just ‘March 19’ and ‘June 1’). You can also use this plugin as a stopgap if you don’t want to convert your old date format strings to the new format.

If you use 1.0rc2 or lower then you have no use for this plugin.

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28 Mar 2005
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29 Mar 2005

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