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This plugin is for custom permalinks.

It is designed to be used in combination with sgb_url_handler, to display different URL schemes in different sections.

It’s really simple to use: it works exactly as the original permlink tag, but using the mode attribute you can specify the URL scheme to be generated.

Valid mode values are (values on the same row are aliases):

  • section or section_title
  • section_id or section_id_title
  • date or year_month_day_title
  • id or id_title
  • title ot title_only
  • messy

<txp:mic_permlink mode="date" />

will be rendered as:
<a href="/2005/03/25/example-title" title="...">Example Title</a>

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
March 27, 2005
Posted here:
27 Mar 2005

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