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This is a simple plugin to cut a string of text at a specified character limit, then add a string to the end, like ellipses.

It will take an article title and trim it down to a specified character limit then add an ellipses. Possibly used for article navigation (prev/next) or an article list where you want to keep the titles short.

<sab_substr limit="10" trail="..."> content to take a substring of like <txp:title /></sab_substr>

will output

“long string…”


  • trail="yourText" – The string you want appended to the result. It will NOT be appended UNLESS the content was trimmed. Defaults to ….
  • limit="yourNumber" – The length of the string you want returned, minus the length of trail. Defaults to 10.
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24 Mar 2005
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24 Mar 2005

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Commented (3)

Hi there, great plugin…

but… is there a way to make it NOT trail the text in the middle of a piece of markup?

For example, I’ve had a couple problems where it cuts off in the middle of an image url, and really bones things.

Thanks in advance,


Those looking for this plugin (download link doesn’t work), can find a drop-in replacement at

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