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In the current version, the recent_comments tag from Dean isn’t working like I want it. I want an unordend list, like the other lists (recent articles, related etc.)

So I made my own plugin that I can use till Dean fixed the list problem (cause it should work in my opinion).

You can use the variables like ‘limit’ and ‘wraptag’ and ‘break’, but in default it spitts out a nice unordend list.

Use it like this:

  • <txp:rei_recent_comments />
    Returns links to the last 10 comments.
  • <txp:rei_recent_comments showcomment="yes" />
    Returns links and the comments itself (max 50 words standard) of the last 10 comments.
  • <txp:rei_recent_comments showcomment="yes" maxwords="20" />
    Returns links and the comments itself (max 20 words) of the last 10 comments.
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24 Mar 2005
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10 Oct 2005

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Commented (5)

Is there a way to limit the section from which comments will be displayed? I can do this in the recent_comments tag…
thanks to Els for recovering this plugin and making it available
To limit comments to one article you can edit the source code:

** define $articleid **
$articleid = (empty($section)) ? $GLOBALS[’s’] : $articleid;

** Add SQL **
where ”.PFX.”txp_discuss.parentid = ’$articleid’

*or hard code*
where ”.PFX.”txp_discuss.parentid = ‘22’

To Order by Section:


$section = (empty($section)) ? $GLOBALS[’s’] : $section;


.PFX.”textpattern.Section = ’$section’

Hope this helps someone :)

this is a great and easy plugin, but is it possible to add class to the ul tag?


..Ok found it out myself:
Go to the plugin php code add the class to the ‘ul’

$wraptag = (empty($wraptag)) ? ‘ul class=“classname”’ : $wraptag;

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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