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This plugin uses the same syntax as <txp:posted /> but outputs the last-modified date instead. It also has the feature to display the author’s name that did the modifying.


  • 2.1 – Re-wrote SQL to now get all the data in just one query (with joins)
  • 2.0a – Recoded most of it, works like a charm now with TXP 4.x.
  • v0.51 – I was not true to my own documentation. I’ve now fixed so the format="author" works properly.
  • v0.5 – Updated to RC3 compability and added the hack posted earlier on my website.
  • v0.31 – Fixed a bug with differs.
  • v0.3 – Added starttext attribute
  • v0.2 – Altered syntax for format, added output attribute.
  • v0.1 – Initial release.
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24 Mar 2005
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27 Dec 2007

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Commented (9)

the rise.lewander site was down for the past two days while i tried to retrieve this plugin…
but i needed this plugin! :)
so i got a copy from one of my other textpattern installs and recompiled it… i’ve made it available here just in case someone else runs into the same problem.. version 0.31

My host is having some technical difficulties he still has not rooted out. So I can not say that the site will be upp 100% yet but I’m crossing my fingers.
I’ve updated to version 0.5 that now works under RC3. So you know. I applied waaay back for a login/pass here but that didn’t work so couldn’t do the update myself. If there has been alterations how it works gimme an e-mail since I am almost back in the TXP community again.

Mirrors available here on
Version 0.51

Download version
Paste version
PHP Source

This plugin seems to generate a new query for every article in a article list, e g 20 articles in a list amounts to 20 unnecessary(?) queries. Is this possible to avoid somehow?

Are you using fewer queries in 2.0a? Cause this is what I just had:

< !— Runtime: 4,8143 — >
< !— Query time: 0,002747 — >
< !— Queries: 86 — >
< !— Memory: 11259Kb, end of textpattern() — >

...and this is what I got just after upgrading the plugin:

< !— Runtime: 4,6894 — >
< !— Query time: 0,001626 — >
< !— Queries: 94 — >
< !— Memory: 11450Kb, end of textpattern() — >

Otherwise, nice to see you are using the same date format as the rest of TXP!

Anton Andreasson:

Sounds good! :)

BTW, read about this :

“Added ‘modified’ and ‘status’ to the $thisarticle global variable.”


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll investigate it further when I get back to this plug in after going through and updating the rest.

I know this is requesting way too much.. but a client of mine insists in wanting “Updated 12:34” if posted the same day and “Updated 19 Sep 12:34” if posted other days.

Can I do this today or does it requires even more of your precious txp hacking time?


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