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This plugin will display RSS feeds or Atom feeds with unbeatable style. This is because it uses Textpattern’s article forms – the default is “rss”. I have mine set up as:

<h3><txp:permlink><txp:title /></txp:permlink></h3>
<txp:excerpt />
<hr />

Currently the following tags will work on some feeds.

  • body
  • title
  • posted (format will vary)
  • author

Because it works in the exact same way as txp:article, it should work with plugins just the same (for instance, safe excerpt plugins).

It takes the options “feed” (the feed url) and “form” (the form).

It uses MagpieRSS.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
Posted here:
24 Mar 2005
Article modified:
30 Aug 2005

You may want to leave your comments/questions at the Forum thread for quicker feedback. Otherwise, comment away:

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Commented (7)

Alex Dukal:
The link is broken. I guess that could be a better idea to centralized all the plugins in just one point (server) and some mirrors.
Can ANYONE please remotely host this file? Thank you.
I second that. Would really appreciate a working link or an alternative.
Tom’s sent it over, and it’s available now
Dat Chu:
This feed reader is plugin is awesome. I also have (modification) the version that allows ‘limit’. Ping me if anyone needs it.
Dat Chu, or anyone, a link to the modified version that allows ‘limit’ would be fantastic…

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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