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Creates a menu from your sections.

This plugin will allow you to create a customized menu from your TXP sections. The plugin includes the ability to hide certain sections, rearrange the order, and wrap in your favorite block level tag!

Required for v0.3 : Download mdp_lib (but not in newest versions)

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23 Mar 2005
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23 May 2006

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Commented (10)

mdp_lib source code in the link provided here is plain PHP code, not encoded.
by my understanding of it, mdp_lib is different from mdp_sectionmenu… mdp_lib is not a plugin; it’s meant to be uploaded to your /textpattern/lib/ directory and renamed to “mdp_lib.php”
Yes you are quite right, I found this info somewhere on the author’s website. Thanks.
I can’t seem to change the order of appearence of the sections.

Basicaly, I mean, if I got it right, to change the order, I should enter manually the order into the tag. This seems to mean that I don’t need the function then, I could just spill out the html, because this ain’t dynamic.

Am I wrong, or am I wrong?

Clicking “Download” simply displays some PHP code. As this is my first plugin, i’m a bit lost. Could someone provide some explicit instruction for what do do so as to get this plug in deployed in textpattern?

In this case, it’s better to get the file (v.0.5 right now) from the author’s site (Click the ‘information’ url – – the library file is no longer needed; only the plug-in file itself is required.

Save the text file. Open it, then copy and paste all the text in there to the Admin -> Plugins -> Install Plugin text box, and click the install button. If all is well, you should see some code (PHP) listed, then click the ‘install’ button.
Finally, don’t forget to click the ‘No’ link under ‘Activated’ for this plug-in in the plug-ins list, in order for it to become activated (changes to ‘Yes’) and therefore usable!!

I have not found any instructions on how to use the tag in html page templates, but from the code it seems to be:

... where:
A = “noshow” (default: ‘’),
B = “class” (default: ‘’),
C = “id” (default: ‘’),
D = “home” (default: 1),
E = “order” (default: ‘’),
F = “wrap” (default: “ul”),
G = “break” (default: “li”)

The “order” parameter will list the order of section names, looking something like:
“products,aboutus,blog,contact” etc. This clearly means that you will need to update the tag whenever a section is added/removed – so it’s not totally ‘dynamic’, as was mentioned above.

Hope that helps someone.
The download link seems to be broken since Marshalls relaunch. Does anyone know what to do???
Couldn’t find a mailaddress on your site.

Your comment makes sense, not.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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