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Displays Next and Previous buttons for use in image slideshows, either with text links or with thumbnails, and display series of photographs organised according to category.

Thanks to kind help of Zem and Nimnix the following little plugin is now available for download.

It will be expanded with the ability to display how many photographs are in the series (i.e. 1 of x) and possibly show a thumbnail of the next image and the previous (instead of the back and next text link). Other areas of expansion will hopefully include the ability to run the next and previous system as a loop, so when you reach the end of a series you are automatically taken back to the beginning.

It also includes a little function (a modified version of <txp:image_display />) to embed the image into CSS as background image use.

See here for a live example.

This plugin offers the following new tags:

  • cno_img_next
  • cno_img_prev
  • cno_imgnext
  • cno_imgprev
  • cno_image_

Plugins that enables a user to display series of photographs organised according to category.

In version 0.23 the category is no longer part of the tag argument, but takes it directly from the URL, enabling the same page to display more than one series of pictures.

Url example:

The package contains the following tags:
<txp:cno_img_next thumb="1" /> creates a link to the next image using the thumbnail of the next image.
You can turn off the thumbnail use by leaving the thumb argument out.
<txp:cno_img_prev thumb="1" /> The same as above with the previous image.

A wrapper version of the above is also available:
<txp:cno_imgnext> Next </txp:cno_imgnext>
<txp:cno_imgprev> Previous </txp:cno_imgprev>

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23 Mar 2005
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27 Mar 2008

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Commented (6)

Hmmm, the download uri seems to be broken…
The download link has been fixed.
I can’t seem to figure it out, goes to what looks like your homepage.
New link:
Dear Christian, cno_image_nav is very simple and useful. I think it’s the best. Thank you!

But i can’t understand how can i use image caption or image name on the page (one universal gallery page for all categories)
It’s like this:

and what means “cno_image_” tag.

Would you help me?

Dear Christian,
this Plugin looks like what I’ve been searching for.
Could you please offer the working download link to it, as all donwlink link examples here and in the comments won’t work…?

Thanks so much,

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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