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mdp_Calendar allows you to create a calendar of live articles for a certain month. The calendar itself is a small table of dates and links to the articles. Different months can be navigated to by the user, or only a particular month can be shown. v0.3 displays a truncated title of the article’s as an article link. If there are more than one article per day, they are both shown. A smaller version of the calendar is also available.

Required for v0.3 : Download mdp_lib

To place a calendar, place a <txp:mdp_calendar [options] /> tag where you wish it to appear. The options are available in the included plugin documentation.

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Archived [?]: links dead/broken

Initially released:
Posted here:
23 Mar 2005
Article modified:
25 Apr 2011

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Commented (8)

aw, I need this one. too bad the download link’s broken :(

The project is now located over here:
but the download link is still broken :(

This calendar is just what I need. I hope someone who knows how to do it can fix the broken link soon…

how can i download this plugin. thanks.

Here is the file:

I found it a bit tricky to install this plug-in, so this is how I succeeded.

First, go to the link as Juanjo had cited. You can do that by selecting the URL, copying it and pasting it into your browser’s address bar or simply click here .

Once on the site, you’ll see a bunch of code. Don’t bother trying to copy it from the browser window. Instead, select View Source from the menu (depending on your browser app), then select all, then copy it. Now you can login to your Textpattern plug-ins tab under the Admin tab and paste the code to be installed.

This might seem obvious to a lot of people, but for new people (like moi), it helps to have detailed instructions.

give samplesof css please ! :-(


In your calendar tag, add class=“mycal”
Then you can refer to the class and tags within the class in your stylesheet, like this:

.mycal { border:solid 1px black; margin:10px 10px 0px 10px;
.mycal TH { border:solid 1px black; padding:5px;
.mycal TD { border:solid 1px black; padding:5px; width:13%;
.permalink { font-size:12px;

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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