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Clean, configurable URLs for Textpattern.

When used in conjunction with an appropriate Rewrite rule, zem_rewrite will produce and parse clean, configurable URLs. It eliminates the need for uploading section placeholder files and editing .htaccess when sections are created. By reconfiguring the URL strings, the plugin will generate and accept flexible URL schemes for article, section and category links, e.g.:

  • /section/category/25/my-article-title
  • /section/2004/09/28/25/my-article-title
  • /section/2004/09/28/category/25/my-article-title
  • /section/25/
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14 January 05
Posted here:
22 Mar 2005

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Commented (4)

works really great except it doesn’t work for comments.
Super plugin. Thx Zem for your job.
Great plugin, solved my problems with clean URL’s not working (I’m a noob to txp).

One problem I can’t figure out: 404 pages. I created a section to handle my 404 errors and now it doesn’t work with your plugin.
Dat Chu:
Somehow the link to zem_rewrite documentation is broken. Anyone has any idea where to get one?

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