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zem_contact produces a flexible, customizable and secure email feedback form / email contact form for Textpattern.

zem_contact has not been updated in some time, and does not appear to be actively maintained. It is recommended to use zem_contact_reborn instead.

It’s intended for use as an enquiry form for commercial sites, and includes several features to help reduce common problems with such forms (invalid email addresses, missing information).


  • Arbitrary text fields can be specified, with min/max/required settings for validation
  • Support for checkboxes and drop-down lists
  • Nonce-based script spam prevention
  • Email address validation, including a check for a valid MX record (Unix only)
  • Safe escaping of input data
  • Automatically generates an accessible form layout using valid XHTML, including

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22 Mar 2005
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10 Jan 2008

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Commented (6)

Cool plugin Zem !
I’ve hacked it a little and deleted the four \r in the header cause my provider (OVH France) don’t accept them.
Michael Wright:
Looks great.

tried using it – get an ‘email can’t be sent’ error message.
Michael Wright:
Precise message – ‘unable to sent email’.

Any ideas how to get it to work?

I have checked my php.ini file – this has the correct mail settings.


Michael Wright:
Hi Zem,

I’ve sorted this out.

Testing site on local machine – all I needed was a local mailserver setup.

Excellent form1

zem_contact_reborn is the further developed version of the original one by zem.
Visit the Form and get it.
Alex McKee:
Excellent plug-in, exactly the sort of functionality I was looking for.

Great, thanks very much.


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