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This plug-in behaves the same as related_articles except that it searches for keywords as well.

By defining keywords when posting an article you can create relationships between various articles and have a (hopefully) better list of related articles.


  • Limit the number of articles shown
  • Various ways to separate the articles (lists, newlines, …)
  • The articles can be wrapped inside a tag (p, ul, ol, …)
  • Articles must be in the same category/categories to show up as related (may change in a next version).
  • An additional tag vg_if_related_articles can be used to wrap the tag in. The information inside this tag will only be shown if related articles are found.

The plug-in contains full documentation on how to use this plug-in. I am open to suggestions for additional features or anything you deem relevant ;-)

written for Textpattern RC1

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15 Mar 2005
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27 May 2008

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Commented (4)

I will definitely test this one out :-) Features seem very nice !
No RC3 version yet ?
Sorry about that. I was actually waiting for 1.0 to be released before fixing it, but that is now a long time ago already.

I will be working on an RC3 version this week ;-).

This plugin should be outdated since you can filter articles by keywords with article_custom. correct?

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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