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I have written a little plugin which can give you basic weblog statistics.

This plugin implements the following functions:

The first two functions returning an integer value of the current counted items.

The gbl_top_comment_writer function take the basic attributs like label, limit, break and wraptag.
Per default it uses limit=5, break="br" and wraptag="p". To get an ul li based list just change this values to break="li" wraptag="ul". ;)

The output of gbl_top_comment_writer will look like:
$NAME has written $NUMBER Comments.

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18 Feb 2005
Article modified:
21 Jun 2007

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badlink. please reload.

Uploaded plugin to Download link is working now.

Hello! Bug MySQL table names – not prefix. Sorry, i don`t speak english.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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