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The chh_article_custom plugin is an enhanced replacement for txp:article_custom and txp:article, offering features like context-sensitive operation, support for multiple categories/sections, hierarchical category searching, and advanced date/time selection.

This plugin provides two tags, chh_article_custom and chh_article. The latter makes available all of the attributes of the former and enables some features more akin to txp:article, namely support for paging, searches, and frontpage filtering.

With chh_article custom, you can—

  • restrict section to a comma-separated list of names and/or the currently browsed section.
  • restrict category to a comma-separated list, a specific pair of categories, and/or the currently browsed category.
  • list articles that are in subcategories of any specified category.
  • restrict articles to those published within a certain interval of time.
  • perform MySQL’s Natural Lanuage or Boolean searches.
  • output a simple wraptag/break article list or a full form-based list.
  • do anything else txp:article_custom or txp:article can do.

Please see the info and documentation page for more information, including download links, the full features list, changes since the 0.4x branch, planned features, and example usage.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
Posted here:
20 Nov 2004
Article modified:
21 Jan 2006

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Commented (1)

santheo made some edits to this plugin to make permalinks work properly in RC3:

Comment out this line:
$out[‘permlink’] = formatPermLink($ID, $Section);

and replace it with:
$out[‘permlink’] = permlinkurl_id($ID);

Then, in both places where you see the following line:
$article = doPermlink($article, $out[‘permlink’], $Title, $url_title);

Comment it out entirely.

To fix the date formatting, comment out these lines:

if ($comments_dateformat 'since') {
$comment_time = since($time + $timeoffset);
} else {
$comment_time = date($comments_dateformat, $time + $timeoffset);

and replace it with:

if ($comments_dateformat “since”) {
$comment_time = since($time + tz_offset());
} else {
$comment_time = safe_strftime($comments_dateformat,$time);

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