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Formerly zem_image_replace

A Textpattern plugin that dynamically converts text to embedded PNG images using TrueType fonts.
zem_ir (formerly zem_image_replace) replaces text with a PNG image rendered using a TrueType font, and uses CSS to place the image on the page in such a way that the text is still accessible to text-only browsers. It’s similar, in some respects, to SIFR, except that zem_ir uses PNG and CSS where SIFR uses Flash and Javascript.

Read more at zem’s image replacement article.

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07 Feb 2005
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17 Mar 2005

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Commented (5)

This plugin is amazing and will likely have offsprings on other CMS’s. Really clever and powerful !
If this is based on the code from alistapart it should also support OpenType fonts.
It definitely supports OpenType as well, although you’ll find nothing about in help or on zem’s site. Just try it yourself.

Does anyone know if this still works?

This plugin works even today. I’ve just tested.

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