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Complete user, group and privilege management plugin. Features:

  • Replaces Admin->Users tab
  • Add / edit / list users, with content counts alongside each user
  • Search, sort, or filter the users
  • Quickly find accounts with certain characteristics (e.g. self-registered spam accounts with 0 articles)
  • Perform multi-edits: change privilege / reset pass / delete
  • All users can edit their own details and change their password
  • Create new user groups (a.k.a. roles) if the default six aren’t enough
  • Rename existing groups to more suitable names (you cannot delete them)
  • Modify TXP’s standard priv areas to alter what each user group can see/do — even other plugins
  • Add new priv areas (useful for custom code to save doing it in a plugin)
  • A “who’s online” indicator
  • Integrates with smd_bio (v0.40+) and smd_prognostics (v0.20+)
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27 Jul 2011
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27 Jul 2011
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04 Nov 2011

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