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This plugin help creating multiple categories at once.


Require textpattern 4.3.0 or above

Activate the plugin

it adds title “Multiple category creator” at the bottom of “Content/Categories” tab.

How it works

Click on “Multiple category creator”, that will show an area, copy/past the structure from spreadsheet (OpenOffice calc or Excel or other), and click “Send”.

The structure is then interpreted and shown as a tabular data, that let you check if all is correct.

Then click on “Create categories” to create the categories.

NB. To be able to see the new categories you must reload the categoy tab.

Data structure

The data to make on spreadsheet must be:

name, title, parent, type(article, image, link, file)


mycat MyTitle myparent article
cate Cétacé mycat article

NB. You dont need a header in your structure


0.1 Initial release

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Posted here:
04 Jan 2011
Article modified:
04 Jan 2011

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