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Enables you to pull any article(s) out of your site and put them on your front page (or section landing page). No more messing around with custom fields or sticky articles and having to find them later to remove an article from the front page. This is a one-stop shop for all things featured.

The good bits

  • One-click selection of articles to feature
  • Label your featured articles, allowing you to group them into areas like Featured, Teasers, etc
  • Add an optional title/description to each article so you can use that as copy, instead of something from the article itself (supports Textile and some TXP tags)
  • Search your articles by title or label; filtering in real-time
  • Hidden pref allows pre-filtering by an administrator so only articles from certain sections are available for pimpage
  • Display information from the featured articles using regular TXP article tags
  • Keeps track of which articles have been seen already on the page so later featured (or unfeatured) articles aren’t duplicated

Requires TXP 4.3.0+

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Initially released:
17 Jun 2010
Posted here:
17 Jun 2010
Article modified:
02 Dec 2011

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Commented (5)

This sounds wonderful plugin, but I suggest that you implement some sort of a pagination system for that Featured articles tab. It seems to load way too many articles. I tried that and it loaded at least 100 articles into boxes before I managed to stop browser from loading more of them. That data flow will make user’s web browser to crash.

One other thing came in mind when I tested this. Is there a way to show user if he/she is currently viewing a featured article? Is there a tag to use in single article form that could show that information?


Pagination: not at the moment, sorry. I’d need to rethink the live search if it was paginated — maybe swap it for a conventional search?

But the burning issue is why is it so slow for you? How many articles do you have? Can you limit the plugin to use only certain sections? Or could it be your version of PHP or MySQL? Your browser? Your connection? Your host?

I’ve had it successfully filtering over 700 articles and the page loaded in less than 4 seconds. The live search for a single letter took about 1 second after that. In Firefox.

2) an smd_if_featured tag is a great idea, thanks. I’ll add it to the plugin when I get a chance

Most likely my computer doesn’t have enough power to process all those articles that are loaded. I’ve tested this plugin with a Textpattern that has about 2400 articles in one section. Loading that amount will temporarily freeze Firefox, so it would be good to limit that article list, or have an option not to show that list at all, or to have some sort of a cache system. Live search feature works perfectly and smoothly.

Ouch! You’re right that 2400 articles will probably hurt the browser. I’ll try and add some sort of pagination system when I can.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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