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At the request of mrtunes and candyman I threw together this plugin which adds a jQuery UI Datepicker to the Textpattern write tab allowing you to easily add a custom formated date to your article.

Once you’ve added location data to your articles you can use this data in an unlimited number of ways. Map your articles or add a map to each article.

To use

Install and activate.

This plugin will add a jQuery UI datepicker to your article tab to assist you with adding a custom formated date to each article.

Customize the custom field and date format in the Extensions Tab.

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05 Dec 2009
Article modified:
01 Jan 2010

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Commented (2)

In Extensions tab there is that text field where you can customize date format. If date format includes year, it should be only yy and not yyyy. If it is four times letter y, then in Write tab the year is duplicated. Y this and y that… :-)

More information on the date format can be found on the jquery site

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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