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Keep an eye on your site’s prefs and alter/tidy anything no longer required:

  • Add, edit or remove TXP preferences set in your database
  • Filter prefs by name / value / user / type to help find the ones you want
  • Create regular or hidden prefs, for all or specific users
  • Create, edit or delete prefs from the public side

Requires TXP 4.2.0+

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06 Nov 09
Posted here:
06 Nov 2009
Article modified:
28 Jun 2010

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Commented (3)

I installed this just a while ago. Downloading and activation went fine, but when I move to the Prefalizer tab in TXP’s admin panel, there is this error message repeated dozens of times:

Notice: Undefined index: user_name in /home/kuopassa/public_html/weblog/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(574) : eval()‘d code on line 193

Notice: Undefined index: user_name in /home/kuopassa/public_html/weblog/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(574) : eval()‘d code on line 201

Any idea what this “undefined index” might mean? Reloading that page does not help. I’ve got quite a few other plugins installed, so perhaps one of them is the reason for this error. My Textpattern was also upgraded from previous version, so maybe its database-related thing?

Yes, it’s database related. The user_name column is new in TXP 4.2.0 so perhaps the upgrade didn’t work properly for some reason? I assume you logged out of TXP before upgrading? Search or post on the forum for help on fixing the table — I think it’s been answered before.

OK, thanks. It is indeed related to that database. I did not find answer on how to fix that from forum, but nevermind. Seems like this plugin works at least with fresh install, but when Textpattern has been upgraded from 4.0.8 or older, it produces that error.

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