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hhh_textile_title – Textile-enabled replacement for txp:title

This plugin provides a single tag, txp:hhh_textile_title. The tag works much like the standard txp:title tag. However, it can employ Textile in processing of article titles. The extent of Textile capabilities is controlled by attributes of the tag as described below.

Why upm_textile Does Not Help

A recommended solution to the issue targeted by this plugin used to be the upm_textile


However, txp:title converts plain single and double quotes to character entities to avoid collisions with attribute delimiters. Thus, Textile does not convert them to proper openning and closing quotes and apostrophes. Moreover, upm_textile does not offer control fine enough to allow nice glyphs in attributes without potentially breaking validity of resulting documents.

Compatibility Attributes

no_widow = "boolean"

Default value: comes from TXP preferences (Prevent widowed words in article titles)

Setting this attribute to ‘true’ inhibits a line break at the last space of a title.

no_textile = "boolean"

Default value: false

Setting this attribute to ‘true’ makes the tag behave exactly like the standard txp:title tag regardless of any other attributes.

Textile Attributes

multicaps = "boolean"

Default value: false

Setting this attribute to ‘true’ enables acronyms in the form of ABC(Always Be Closing) and extra markup of multi-caps words for styling (span class="caps").

Note: Using this feature unwisely potentially breaks validity of resulting documents.

phrase_mods = "boolean"

Default value: false

Setting this attribute to ‘true’ enables inline markup (aka phrase modifiers), i.e. _emphasis_, *strong emphasis*, ??citation??, %span%, @code@, and == no Textile ==.

Note: Using this feature unwisely potentially breaks validity of resulting documents.

punctuation = "boolean"

Default value: true

Setting this attribute to ‘true’ enables enhanced punctuation glyphs, i.e. proper openning and closing quotes, apostrophes, dashes, etc. It leaves acronyms and multi-caps intact – see the multicaps attribute.

It is safe to enable this feature even in the HTML document title and in attributes of HTML elements.


This plugin uses internals of the Textile class and so is very sensitive to Textile versions. The other way would be to create and maintain a simplified version of the Textile class which is not very appealing either.


2011/05/01 Version 0.3

  • Compatible with Textile 2.2 and Textpattern 4.4.0.
  • Reimplemented as an extension of the Textile class.
  • @code@ and == no Textile == mark-up enabled

2009/09/06 Version 0.2

  • Developed and tested on Textpatter 4.0.8 with whatever Textile version that was packaged there.
Article Request Count:
Initially released:
6 Spetember 2009
Posted here:
06 Sep 2009
Article modified:
01 May 2011

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