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Article Image Selector

Here is a nice light weight image selector that actually works, just enable the plugin and goto the write tab, you will see a select box in place of the article image input, choose a image and see a preview of it below the select box.

As of June 22 2009 –

Updated Image Selector to display all kinds of images, as well as display the name of the image on the selection list.

Article Request Count:

Archived [?]: download broken

Initially released:
Posted here:
15 Jun 2009
Article modified:
25 Apr 2011

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Commented (4)


Nice idea. Now is it me, or is it just looking for .pngs?

This seems to work well, but as I have hundreds of pictures, that original method used in Textpattern is better. This would be pretty splendid plugin if text field where image ID is used, would work like Ajax search (like in cbs_live_search). I mean that when I start to write a file name of an image, there would be shown a list of image candidates.

Florian Höch:

Nice plugin, appreciated. I noticed an issue with table prefixes though: I use a table prefix on a site I’m building right now, and the plugin wouldn’t work. I set the $prefix variable in the plugin code to an empty string and that solved the problem.


Haven’t tried it but found it in

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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