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This will allow you to build a pretty dynamic gallery with little or no effort. It has the ability to span across multiple rows which are user defined, and also the ability to use textlinks or thumbnails for previewing.

Usage Examples

Text Link Gallery with 3 Rows
<txp:cgd_dynagallery cat="Photography" rows="3" />

Thumbnail Gallery 4 Rows
<txp:cgd_dynagallery cat="Digital Art" rows="4" usethumbs="1" />

Thumbnail Gallery Using a div
<txp:cgd_dynagallery cat="Category" wraptag="div" usethumbs="1" />


  • You must use <txp:image_display /> where you would like the fullsize image to display.
  • You can use multiple tags on the same page to list different galleries in different fasions.
  • Wraptag defaults to table if not specified
  • Rows have no effect when using a wraptag other than table
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01 Dec 2004
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11 Apr 2005

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Commented (3)

Do you know, this was the first gallery plugin that I was able to get working on the first try? Kudos.
This seems to promise a lot but the ‘download file’ link above and the author’s link all point to V0.1 not V0.2 as promised.

I think development has probably stopped on this now, the developer last commented on it in 2004.

Tis a shame. I wonder if it’s worth removing this plugin as it doesn’t appear to work…

saved it from the underworld:

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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