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Subscribe to comments via email

  1. Someone writes a comment filing out their email
  2. They receive immediately a confirmation with a link that directly subscribes to future comment for that article
  3. Each time a new comment is posted they will receive an email notifying them about the new post and offering them a link for unsubscription.

Thats it, easy subscription, and easy unsubscription.

Still there are lot to be asked, but what, let me know.


Install and enable the plugin in the admin panel.

How to subscribe

Write a comment and specify your email address.
You will receive an invitation to subscribe to the article comments.

Accept the invitation by following the link.

Everytime someone writes a new comment you will receive a new notification by email.

How to unsubscribe

Each mail you receive contain an unsubscribe link, follow it and you’re done.

How to administrate

As an administrator you can also subscribe and unsubscribe emails using the “Subscribe” tab under “Content” in the admin area.

How to customize

The plugin has two settings, on and off.

Two forms are created and can be customized:
Edit the “phq_subscribe_comment” “phq_subscribe_new” misc form under Presentation.

Other settings such as email subject can at the moment only be changed in the code.

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Posted here:
13 Jan 2009
Article modified:
20 Jul 2009

If there is a comment form at the Information URL, you may want to leave your comments/questions there for quicker feedback. Otherwise, comment away:

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Commented (8)

This pretty handy plugin, I think. It’s a good way to enhance the so called user experience by allowing commenters to have the option to receive notifications about new comments. Hopefully this plugin will have more features sooner than later. :-)

Great Plugin but where can i customize the sender email adress. Default is “unkown sender”.

thanks Holger


Sender address is the global sender address for the blog.

This can be configured in Admin->Preferences->Advanced
Add the email address in “SMTP envelope sender address”


I get a 404. Where can I get the plugin now?

You can download it from the article urls are now updated.

Hello! Very long-awaited plug-in, thanks!
But, something I would like to change.

1. Titles in the letters. Hardcoded “New comment on article”, “Subscribe to article” and “Subscribe confirmation”. But it is wrong and is intended only to English.

2. Can you make a version without the original reference emails? Just tick the traditional checkbox subscription in the form of comments.

3. Also not very clear why made Subscribe confirmation.
And far too many letters sent.

April. Name and email sender for some reason not specified in the letter about new comments.

Sorry, if poorly understood, I used Google Translate.
I’m from Russia and do not know much English.

global $prefs; in foreach subscribers ;)

I seem to be getting 4 subscribe emails and 4 unsubscribes with this plugin. Anyone know why this might be happening?

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