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Plugin for creating votings.


1. download plugin code from my site:
2. insert it into field "add plugin" in your Txp administration
3. done

How to insert the pool into article ?

Insert the code: <txp:mdvoting_insert_survey id="5" />
, ID is number of the pool which you can see in the list of pools.

How to customize the pool code for the site ?

There is a function ShowVotingForUser in mdvoting_view object (in the main plugin code). This function show the voting for the user. You can update it as you want to see the voting on the site.

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25 Aug 2008
Article modified:
30 Aug 2008

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Commented (6)

Is there a demo available somewhere?

There is no demo available. You can try it yourself. It is very quick and simple.

Be careful to install this plugin if you have a txp site in spanish, it corrupts all the site encoding.

So does this plugin require the file called mdvoting_view.class.php to work properly? I think that your instructions should mention if it’s required and where to get it, and of course in which folder that file should be uploaded. Perhaps also the prefix of this plugin should be corrected — other plugins have three letter prefix.

for CyberGus: this plugin use UTF-8 encoding. It is not possible to corrupts all the sites encoding. There is only english and czech translation of this plugin.

for Petri: No. No files are required. It was in old version of this plugin, so it is the reason why I let this notes for older versions. You will put the plugin code into your administration and it is done.


i have textpattern 4.0.7.
is it this plugin compatible with that version of textpattern?
i’ve installed the plugin, but don’t see any possibility to create surveys.
where do i suppose to create/see the surveys?

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