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Dan Hoy
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(Updated) Textpattern Interface Restyled

PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded this before, you’ll need to download the new one to get the updated textpattern.css file!

Thanks to Dan Hoy for this great interface-lift. I’ve been using it under 4.0.4, but wanted to upgrade to 4.0.5.

So….I did. I had to add an item to textpattern.css and update txplib_head.php. If you’re interested, here’s how I did it:

First, I compared txplib_head.php from 4.0.4 and 4.0.5 to see what changes had been made. Next I compared txplib_head.php from Dan’s package to the one from 4.0.5 and simply made the same changes that had been made to the 4.0.4 version, keeping in mind the changes 4.0.5 had made (which were minor).

[update] This still left the problem of fixing the search form to make it center (not left-align). Once I figured out what was causing the problem (it looks like they pulled the style out to the css file so it could be styled more easily), it was a simple matter to fix it.

That was it. Anyone that wants to check on this, please feel free to. I took great care to make sure I got everything, but I still might have missed something. I’ve tested it on my site and all appears well.

To update your installation:

1. Update to 4.0.5 according to the instructions given on
2. Use the download link to get a copy of the updated txplib_head.php and textpattern.css
3. Replace txplib_head.php under textpattern/lib and textpattern.css under textpattern on your server
4. Enjoy using the latest version of TXP with Dan’s interface!

NOTE The download link has been updated. I put it on my server, so it should be available.

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09 Jul 2007
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30 Jul 2007

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Commented (8)

Well Done I used it and this sound different view thanks ;)

Good Job. Just installed and I like it! But… why the quickpick menu has been dropped? How can I re-enable it? Thanks!


are these the only two files required to get the restyle working on a fresh 4.0.5 install? im taking a look at the css and it seems to point to a ton of images not included..for example gloss_shade.gif, txp_carver_logo.gif, local_bg.gif etc etc.


ahh found it..had to download the older version for the images. stupid me.


Dload doesn’t work!

Any other location for dload?


I’ve moved the files to my webserver. They should be available now. Thanks for the broken link tip.


This is an improvement. We are about to train staff to use textpattern and a cleaner interface is a big help.


Hey Azuntic,

I posted an update for 4.0.6

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