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modding comment input field lengths (4.0.3)

It might have been posted before – i am a textpattern newbie – but nevertheless:

To modify the comment input field lengths (in textpattern 4.0.3) you need to – open textpattern/publish/comment.php – go to line 65 – 67.

you’ll see this:
65 ‘isize’ => ‘25’,
66 ‘msgrows’ => ‘5’,
67 ‘msgcols’ => ‘25’,

65 ‘isize’ => ‘25’, // length of email / name / http fields
66 ‘msgrows’ => ‘5’, //# of rows in comment input
67 ‘msgcols’ => ‘25’, // # of cols (letters) in same field

i set my version to:
‘isize’ => ‘25’,
‘msgrows’ => ‘15’,
‘msgcols’ => ‘40’,

which gives anyone commenting more space to type longer text while still having a good overview about the complete comment.

any other mod, like styling the fields (no border, background-color, text color and text font parameters) can easily be done by modifying the appropriate css entry – or making a custom one up yourself.

don’t forget: any textpattern update will let you have to do this mod again.
nevertheless: happy modding!

jayrope / / berlin

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15 Jul 2006
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01 Nov 2006

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Commented (3)

The comments_form tag allows you to do this without hacking, it accepts the attributes:

* isize (default: “25”)
* msgrows (default: “5”)
* msgcols (default: “25”)
* msgstyle (default: unset)
* form (default: “comment_form”)
Thank You!
i guessed i was pointless. Maybe this thread should be deleted then?
best from berlin – jayrope
It should also be noted, that above info of Mary’s is not part of the textpattern taglist pdf (txp2.pdf)

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