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Make RSS links displayable in browser

Make firefox and IE render the RSS feed instead of prompting to download it. will help with similar problems in other browsers as well.

1. download file
2. use it to replace /textpattern/publish/rss.php on your site
3. enjoy!

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
September 27, 2005
Posted here:
27 Sep 2005
Article modified:
28 Sep 2005

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Commented (8)

As I understand it, it’s not a “problem”. It’s the way it is supposed to be.
it still annoys the hell out of me. be it bug or feature.
Thank you for this mode…
Hello i cant download this plugin i need this help
Brano, there’s no need to download the file, you can change it manually.

The reason the feeds are getting downloaded has something to do with plugins. The problem being: something about how a plugin is getting handled by Textpattern is inserting a single space before the “<” in “<?xml” at the top of the feed (the first line of the feed’s source). This is making the feed invalid as far as IE and Firefox are concerned, so it goes with the default behavior: download the file.

This hack definitely works, though; thank you, Noam!

But will your feed validate afterwards? That’s what makes me nervous.

Canaan Moore:

Thanks, the mode is great, especially if I don’t have to download the plugin.
hey guys just check this out :)) “”:

The Download link is broken. Please fix it. Thanks

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