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Admin Interface Restyled

Because there ain’t much to do on a Sunday, we revamped slightly the administrative interface of Texpattern [en]. Mainly, we optimized the stylesheet and reworked the tabs, as we as tired of looking at an all yellow interface.

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24 Nov 2004
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07 Dec 2004

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Commented (5)

Carefull! It’s not compatible with Mozilla Browsers like Firefox. The Backend is messed up. Only IE and Opera look well.
It now works with RC3 and all the Firefox styling issues have been fixed. I redid the original authors work, and it can be found here
This restyle is not compatible with the latest version of quikpik and includes the original quikpik in its programming.
I use the latest quikpik (AKA rss_admin_quikpik-0.2.1) and 1.0rc3. Both IE6 and Firefox 1.05 are having issues with the display of the backend. In IE the Tabs are aligned vertical. In my Style-sheets I use “display:inline” on the list elements and not on the container (#topnav, #botnav). Then the tabs should align horizontal in both browsers. As all modern browsers have a zoom-function, I would leave out the font reseizing changes.

The download link is broken. Guys please upload the file again

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