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Mod Self Register

This mod allows a site to have users register themselves to be authors and post articles. It is primarily designed for community driven sites, like this one.

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Archived [?]: This Mod has been replaced by plugin mem_self_register.

Initially released:
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23 Nov 2004
Article modified:
25 Jan 2008

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*note: the default of this mod is to register new users with privelege status “0”—which means new users will be unable to log in until you manually adjust their privilege status in the admin panel. If you’d like new users to be able to start typing from the getgo, start them at a different number. This is the list from txp_admin.php to show the privilege assignments:

$levels = array(
1 => gTxt(‘publisher’),
2 => gTxt(‘managing_editor’),
3 => gTxt(‘copy_editor’),
4 => gTxt(‘staff_writer’),
5 => gTxt(‘freelancer’),
6 => gTxt(‘designer’),
0 => gTxt(‘none’)

and to make the change, go to \textpattern\include\txp_register.php (the new file you will have created and uploaded through the instructions of this mod), and find

global $new_author_level;
if (!$new_author_level) $new_author_level = 0;

change that to

global $new_author_level;
if (!$new_author_level) $new_author_level = 5;
or the number of your preference.

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