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Add link to comments in feeds

A simple one-line addition to both rss.php and atom.php will allow for displaying a link to comments inside the body of your website’s feeds:

Comment on this Article

These modifications were implemented on 1.0RC3, but there is no reason why they couldn’t be used or adapted for earlier Textpattern versions.

/textpattern/publish/rss.php :: line 65
/textpattern/publish/atom.php :: line 124

Simply add the following line to both rss.php & atom.php on the above-specified lines:

$Body .= doSpecial(tag(tag( 'Comment on this Article', 'a', ' href="' . permlinkurl($a) . '#' . gTxt('comment') . '"'), 'p'));
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07 May 2005
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07 May 2005

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