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What is It?

When applied to a page arrived at via Google, this function will highlight the terms used for the Google search wherever they appear.

To see Google Hilite in action, click through the first result on this Google search (after the ‘sponsored link’) or the fifth (!) result for Verisign.

How to Install

1. Download and extract

2. Upload google_hilite.php to your server

3. Add a style to your CSS:

.hilite { background-color: #FF9; }

By all means change the colour.

4. Place this on your pages or template, right after <body>


If you uploaded the file to a directory called ‘includes’ in your web directory, the line above should read

5. Place the following somewhere if you’d like to welcome the google visitor:

<? google_welcome(); ?>

Change Log

0.3 Empty tags were appearing in text containing markup. Fixed. Thanks to Todd Dominey (again).

0.2 This page created, first zip available

0.1 Pull!

(All credit to Jason Levine and Adrian Holovaty, who implemented similar scripts on their sites, making me jealous enough to write my own.)

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11 Apr 2005

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It works but it shows a text like “php code is deprecated” when I insert the php code into the page.

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