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This hack and/or plugin lets you use WikiWords inside of TXP article’s or reference external links. The words refer to other TXP article’s. The words arn’t automatically created, like a real wiki, but any words that haven’t been setup are just disregarded.

A example wikiword: [[Albumpattern]] produces Albumpattern. [[Textpattern]] produces Textpattern. Though you could just as easily map Textpattern to point to the site for WordPress.

Please read the included INSTALL.txt file to install this hack.

Note: Right now the regular expression will search out stuff in pre and code tags as well. This only represents a problem in the event that the found pre-formatted text is also a definied WikiWord. I am working on a way to stop this, but if anyone knows a definite answer please send it my way.

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23 Mar 2005
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22 Apr 2008

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This is not available any more. It’s a pity.


Dead link, can you explain or remove please ?

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