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Lately, I’ve been writing Textpattern pages for relatively complex sites that do things like this:

<txp:if_section name="widgets,sprockets,thingies">
    <txp:hide>The widgets, sprockets, and thingies sections have their own special layouts.</txp:hide>
    <txp:output_form form='content-<txp:section />' />
<txp:else />
    <txp:hide>All the other sections look pretty much the same.</txp:hide>
    <txp:output_form form='content-default' />

This plugin is designed to simplify this somewhat, and eliminate that list of section names (which is just one more thing for me to forget to update when I change the site).


A simple, hopefully self-explanatory conditional form:

<txp:atb_if_form name="someform">
	<p>someform exists.</p>
<txp:else />
	<p>someform doesn't exist</p>


Can be used exactly the same way as the built-in output_form tag, except it doesn’t raise an error if the form provided doesn’t exist:

<txp:atb_output_form_if_exists form='foo-<txp:section />'>
    This text will be available via the txp:yield tag in foo-[section].

It can also be used with a txp:else tag:

<txp:atb_output_form_if_exists form='foo-<txp:section />'>
    This text will be available via the txp:yield tag in foo-[section].
<txp:else />
    <txp:output_form form="foo-default" />

You can also follow this on GitHub.

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31. May 2010
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31 May 2010
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04 Jan 2011

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