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Plugins, mods, and other resources

When you download a plugin, you’ll see a whole bunch of seemingly gibberish text, with hopefully some readable words at the top such as the name of the plugin and the author, etc.

Copy the whole thing (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C in windows) and then visit your Textpattern’s admin interface, and naviagate to the ‘Admin’ tab and the ‘Plugins’ tab beneath that.

In the empty text box that says “Install Plugin” next to it, paste (Ctrl+V) the plugin text that you copied. Hit Upload. You’ll get a screen showing you the a preview of the plugin code, which you may approve by clicking the button at the bottom.

Your new plugin will now be in your plugins list, but will not be active until you click the ‘No’ in the ‘Active’ column to change it to ‘Yes’.

The ‘Help’ column will give you the option to ‘View’ any features and instructions that the plugin author might have included with the plugin.

The ‘Edit’ link is there for you to modify the plugin code, but you only want to do that if you really know what you’re doing.

For more complete/further instructions, please visit the Textbook entry.

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I’ve found high-level code of a plugin… In other words, not the gibberish TXP wants. How do I change the code?

The code (mary’s take on Sencer’s dashboard plugin) can be found here.

Thanks :)

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