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Adopt orphaned plugins

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Friday 10 August 2018 at 15:06 PM

Please help us keep Textpattern Resources current and as useful as possible by repairing links or helping to adopt orphaned plugins.

The list of orphaned plugins is growing. Some plugins/resources will become irreparably orphaned and that’s a fact of life; but so many others still have functional value and are sorely missed by visitors to the site, finding that the exact plugin/functionality they need has been sadly orphaned and is unattainable.

Plugins/tutorials/files get lost or orphaned when an author stops offering the plugin on their site or links are changed or otherwise broken without their corresponding articles on being corrected.

If you are able to get in touch with the original author, are aware of new links, or have a copy of the lost information, please either ask the author to update their respective articles, volunteer to be an editor on the site and update the information directly, or send the information to the admin and the articles will get updated accordingly.

Files can be happily hosted directly at If you have or can locate copies of orphaned plugin files, send them our way or contact us about hosting your files (orphaned or not) so they will not be lost again.

Please send files or information to the admin via email us or the contact form. (Please be sure to say something human-like, otherwise your message is likely to be lost to the spam folder.)

~ Administrator
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