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Operation: site organization

Archived articles implemented, plugin-gathering mission is a go.

Monday 3 December 2007 at 08:01 AM

Lots done this weekend, lots more to do..
Main items on the Pending list involve repairing or removing broken links and collecting orphaned plugins. You (anyone reading this) can help by pointing out articles that need repair — but if you could include a correct link or the plugin code/file to repair with, that would be a great help.

Will also be “archiving” those articles/plugins that have become outdated due to new built-in txp tags or for other reasons. There’s a bit more about that in the help. It’s nothing dramatic; just a practical feature to point out updated alternatives for some of the older and possibly antiquated (but still appreciated) mods/tips/plugins/etc. Please point out instances that should be archived (and please include a link to the successor/replacement).

If you’re interested in helping more directly on the admin side, please drop a note to the admin (admin at or contact form).

~ Administrator
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