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Monday 30 October 2006 at 22:52 PM

*Update: as of November 6, 2006, the new site has been launched which means Textpattern Resources is fully open and articles may be added and edited at will.

From now until the new site is launched, there will be no editing of articles or adding new ones.

This means you cannot log into the admin side, but the site will still be up and available.

We’re working to fix some severe charset issues (well… actually, that’s what Ruud is doing that. I would’ve been trying to do each article manually if he hadn’t noticed the problem to begin with..). (Old site is running off 1.0rc1 and new site is 4.0.4, and there’s a conflict with utf8 and latin1 and I’m not sure what else is going on there….) Also working out a few other key items before we “open the doors”, prioritizing the main and existing functions and saving some bells and whistles and new sections and features for later.

If anyone would like to help with browser compatability (making the site look happy across Opera, Firefox, IE6, IE7, Safari (etc.?)), that would be really, really helpful; please contact me.

Very briefly, regarding Amit’s last post (thank you so much, Amit), …this weekend and especially yesterday were really… rough. I really couldn’t sit up yesterday.. I did catch up on sleep last night, and will try to get a bit more rest this evening..or tomorrow.. I’m very sorry for the delay on the site. While I am a bit behind on several responsibilities at the moment, the Textpattern Resources redesign is the one I care most about. Thank you for all the patience and well-wishes. I’m looking forward to showing you TRv2 soon…

~ Alicson
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