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Redesign of Textpattern Resources

Thursday 26 October 2006 at 15:45 PM

It’s been talked about for some time now, but Textpattern Resources is finally in the midst of a complete redesign.

Hand in hand, it’s been running on 1.0rc1 for all this while, but will finally get upgraded to Textpattern version 4.0.4.

Can’t spend much time writing a proper and complete description here at the moment, but once the new site is up and running I’ll have a bit of writing (and thanking) to do.

At the moment, the site is very much being worked on. Getting some great help with it, but could use more active and willing hands, if you’re really interested (in which case, please drop me an email).

We intend to make the main launch within a week (seriously)! The site won’t be completely polished and complete by the time it launches, but it should be happily functional and a vast improvement over the old/current site.. and we’ll keep building on it and refining, etc.

So you should see Textpattern Resources version 2 up and running by Monday. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a WHOLE lot to be done….


~ Alicson
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