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Minimum Theme

Minimalistic Frontend Theme for Textpattern

Minimum is a theme that lets you write. It embraces the golden ratio. What else would you need?

Preview of Minimum Theme

Yoko for Textpattern

Front end theme based on the Wordpress theme Yoko

Yoko is a beautiful theme originally designed for Wordpress. It is very flexible and can be...

Hive Reloaded Administration Theme

The Hive_Reloaded Administration Theme based on Phil Wareham´s Hive theme.

The original theme seemed not user friendly enough, so I changed some things for me.

Front-of-Site Theme Txp-Tumblog

First shiny Tumblog for Textpattern

This theme is the first (shiny) Tumblog theme for Textpattern with a lot of jQuery goodness,...

TXP Mobile

Mobile optimised theme

Mobile admin theme with remora theme for desktop.

TXPBlog Ancient Blog

Template converted by txpblog

This template is the second template converted by txpblog. Source of this is provided by...

TXPBlog Design Blog

Template converted by txpblog

This template is converted from ramblingsoul Free cs template by txpblog.tk Install: – upload...

BlueSky Front of Site Theme

BlueSky Textpattern Template - Front of Site

This is a professional ready to use blogging Theme with many nice features. Installation uses Manfre’s “mem_templates”, what an installation almost as easy as with WordPress guaranteed. Some minutes for the installing – ready to blog!


BlueSky Theme

Tuts & Tipps Admin Theme

An nice admin theme for Textpattern 4.2.0. It is based in Parts on Phw sandSpace by Philippe Wittenbergh, but i changed much Code and all Graphics.

Some Screenshots:


Simple blue and white coloured theme for blogs

Simple theme intended for blogs. Theme has two columns; left side is for content, right side for search form and stuff like that.

WordPress Default 1.6 theme

This is default Wordpress theme for Textpattern.

The Ideal Website

Port of Reichenstein's Wordpress theme

A Textpattern adaptation of The Ideal Website Wordpress theme by Oliver Reichenstein of Information Architects.

TXP_Dilectio_Theme 1.0 Beta

unstable, not available for download temporarily...

More Infomation and demo:

Thinkr Uppr

Thinkr Uppr Template for Textpattern

Coffe'n'Cream template

Just calm, smooth and simple design

Coffee-N-Cream design pack


Minim is quite minimal and very flexible with many easy selectable layouts. A style-switch version is also available


Life is a very easy theme to customize.

Awesome Topic

Awesome Topic was designed for the 2007 Text Plates competition


Gaia is a Textpattern template with a clear focus on content and simplicity beside beauty and elegance. It is carefully crafted, thoroughly tested and provides wide customization capabilities.


Palpable is a clean multi-author blog with a consistent baseline grid.

Green Dream

Green Dream is Ivo Toman’s second submission of Textplates ’07 and is a clean, green template.


Glass is an easily customizable template with a sleek transparent design.


Soren is a lightweight, open-air, blog-style template. It is based off of last year’s White and Wild template by Rob Sable.

Web Writer 3

Web Writer 3 is a mashup/evolution of a template first created for Textpattern RC1 nearly three years ago.

my wishful thoughts

my wishful thoughts is a great female blog template. Besides the standard blog features it allows you to have a beautiful video blog. Additionally, it is very flexible – almost every block of content can be moved to other place or removed completely. Although it may look quite complex, it’s really simple and accessible.


Blue is a simple, standards compliant blog template.

Waffle Cone

Waffle Cone is a delicious template with a mint-chocolate color scheme.


Roowhaline is clean and neat template. It’s also very flexible and well-documented.

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