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With the mka_ical plugin it is possible to display Events from iCal URL (e.g. Google Calendar).
The plugin makes use of SG-iCalendar by Morten Fangel (

If you have questions or ideas feel free to ask.

Email: martin[AT]
h2. Features:

  • Multiple Calendars
  • Caching mechanism
  • Match images from folder or category by event title
  • Template based output NEW


  • 0.6.3
    • Removed a debug message
  • 0.6.2
    • Date formatting with strftime
    • Bugfixes
  • 0.6.1
    • First public version

Download (0.6.3):

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Initially released:
Posted here:
26 Jun 2009
Article modified:
28 Jan 2013

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Commented (5)

Uploaded a new version with template based output and a lot of bugfixes.

Uploaded a new version with several bugfixes.

Uploaded a new version! (Removed a debug message)

I get an Debug-Message with the latest Version: @Notice: Undefined variable: out@.
Too bad that you obscured your source, that makes it kind of hard to determine the cause of the problem leave alone fixing it. I can only assume that it’s because the Calendar pulled is empty?

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