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This plugin is an integration of the Flash Video Player written by Jeroen Wijering.
You can stream video files in flv-format.

Writing this plugin causes some work for me, but the most credits belong to Jeroen Wijering!
Make sure to visit his website, if you like the bas_flvplayer.

NOTE: The flvplayer is licensed under Creative BY NC SA.
So if you want to use this plugin for commercial use, contact Jeroen Wijering!

flv Encoder

This plugin plays only flv-videos, so you have to transform your videos to .flv.

There is an free encoder at

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16 Dec 2005
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20 Jan 2008

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Commented (7)

Download link is broken

no wait, this is the correct link, to the actual textpattern plugin posted on this site .


The file is not there

Thank you this makes my week!!

But NOTE: In the help section the very first example under Usage does not include txp: in the tag. It took me about an hour of head-scratching to figure out why it wasn’t working. Might want to fix that!

Bruno Dario:

Since this plugin is ORPHAN and needs an update i´ve think most people would like to try cfm_videoplayer plugin:

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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